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I’m Dawn Breslin, thank you for visiting my site.

I’m a heart-centred coach and personal development teacher. Through my 1:1 work, my live and on-line courses, I guide individuals to build the confidence you need to step into a more rewarding and fulfilling experience of life. I help unlock passion and life purpose, I guide people to re-discover their confidence and self trust and as my clients courageously let go what’s crushing their spirits, I hold them through the process. In my work I help people reconnect with a courage, confidence, clarity and meaning in their lives.

People come to my work at various stages in their lives, sometimes after a big life change or sometimes when life simply feels tough, they feel low, apathetic, a bit depressed, direction-less or stuck.

On this site, I offer a whole range of resources which range from free inspirational messages when you sign up to our mailing list, to on-line trainings, one day women’s retreats, 1:1 coaching and certified Life Coach training courses.

My idea of coaching is different from many of the other companies around. My coaching processes are holistic and centred around creating a sustainable vision of success, this means honouring all aspects of your life. My processes are designed to help guide you into a life which is infused with meaningful work/living, time for your loved ones and time out to simply do what you love and enjoy being you.

Through my gentle, nurturing and supportive coaching systems, I guide clients to appreciate, love and really care for themselves. As they become stronger I watch them  blossom naturally into their full potential.

Take the leap, get in touch if you are curious about one of our courses
I’m here for you…

A little Insight Into My Story

A little more about me…..

I’m a Life Coach, Personal Development Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and Hay House Author. I am the Founder of The Harmonizing Coaching Academy, a holistic coaching school which offers a suite of bespoke heart-centred coach training programmes to Coaches, Therapists, NLP Practitioners and Healers. I  am deeply passionate about the work I do, I guess because I have really struggled at times and I know how to help others avoid the pain I have experienced. Through my own personal experience and 20 years of study in the field of human potential, I feel driven to show people how they can raise their energy and ignite their sense of purpose to create deeply fulfilling, time rich and sustainable lives. I have found my life path, I adore what I do and if you come a little closer I’ll help you learn to love your life too!

Love Dawn xxx

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