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I’m Dawn and it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you here, I’m guessing you have arrived on this page because you would like to know a little more about me, so let’s start with some bullet points first. If you are looking for something a little more official then check my official bio page.
So, here we go …  I absolutely love being creative, I find great joy in searching for beauty in simplicity, I’m a lover of nature and spend lots of time walking in forests and wandering along beaches. I come from a long line of psychics which has resulted in me being highly intuitive and extremely curious about all things spiritual!

I’ve written two best selling books ‘Super Confidence’ and ‘The Power book’ which are published by Hay House and I’ve contributed to many others, including Real Life Solutions by Lorraine Kelly and Real Confidence by Psychologies Magazine.
I’m a leading UK life coach and confidence expert. Over the  last 20 years I have successfully coached hundreds of people including teens, business owners, authors, doctors, scientists and celebrities using my tailor made coaching systems. I help people overcome adversity, whether that’s burn out, depression, exhaustion, menopause, bullying or anxiety. You name it, I help them heal, reset then thrive!  I see a limited number of clients here at my beach side home in Edinburgh. I also coach by Skype and by Telephone and I offer 1:1 VIP retreats, where we skip off to an exotic location of your choice and work together intensively for 1 – 5 days.


I am the founder of The Harmonizing Coaching Academy, a holistic coaching school which offers heart-centred life coach training  for Coaches, Healers, Therapists, NLP Practitioners and HR professionals. We offer a suite of bespoke heart-centred coaching programmes designed to support our participants/members in their own learning experiences and enhance their  business offering.

Harmonizing is a NEW innovation in the world of coaching it leads us into a more nourishing, meaningful experience of life & success. The foundations to our coaching process are strong with a very distinct focus on the importance of cultivating self-awareness, self-care and self-compassion. Our coaching is healing burn out, mild depression, broken childhoods, sadness and apathy.


I love all things media and love sharing messages which I know can change lives.  I’ve presented my own 14 part TV show on Discovery Health Channel, I’ve worked as a regular guest expert on Good Morning Britain/ GMTV and have recently produced my own On-line Chat show, ‘The Dawn Breslin Show’ in collaboration with William Blake, an award winning film-maker. Our project is a charitable one and together we love to shine our bright lights on inspiring people who have powerful messages to share with the world.

I have created 2 life transformational coaching systems, The Dawn Breslin Coaching Process, a 6 week personal development coaching system based on deeply loving and healing the self in order to create an authentic pathway to success and The Harmonizing Coaching Process, an powerful mind, body, spirit, realignment system which promotes a sustainable model for inspired success.

I’m an inspirational keynote speaker. I’ve spoken at leading Health shows and Business conferences in the UK and abroad. I have spoken alongside industry giants such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, I’ve worked as a media representative on TV and on Radio for leading multinational brands such as P&G and I’m proud to say I am an ambassador for The Dove Self Esteem Fund.


My intuition guides everything I do, from business, money, relationships to what I decide to do next. Whatever I do, it’s got to be lead by intuitive hunches.

I’m a lover of life, I am an absolute optimist, I am a passionate photographer, I adore poetry and philosophy and in my spare time, I love writing, recording and documenting the beauty I witness in the world.

Of course, my life hasn’t always looked and felt this way.

I still remember with clarity the times I lost my track and direction. I have experienced a lot of life and learned a lot along the way! I’ve suffered from post natal depression, I have been a single mum juggling a high profile international career and I’ve burned to the ground emotionally, energetically and financially. Thankfully through my commitment to study in the field of spirituality, consciousness and personal development, I have gracefully found my way back to balance and fulfilment.  My experience and lessons are the medicine I now dispense through the resources you can find on this site. 

Dawn’s Full Story…….

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