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Would you like to develop your skills, learn about transformational coaching and significantly change lives?


Dawn Breslin is committed to empowering people around the world to live their bliss; through her life coach training programme she passionately teaches people who have a deep desire to empower others to do the same.

The Dawn Breslin Confidence Coaching Certificate will help you take someone from stuck, to living on purpose in only six creative sessions.


Would you like to: 

  • Deeply enrich your skill set?
  • Expand your tool kit so that you feel more confident with tricky clients?
  • Increase your business offerings and your profits?
  • Supercharge your coaching confidence?
  •  Work creatively and intuitively with your clients?

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If so then this is inspirational new development in coaching, will be a perfect addition to your coaching toolbox

“Supercharge your clients’ self-esteem and confidence; help them to build a strong healthy foundation of self-esteem from which they can confidently make empowered decisions about their lives”… Dawn Breslin


The Dawn Breslin Confidence coach training programme provides:

A unique, soul directive and enriching style of coaching. If you are looking for a second career filled with passion, meaning and purpose or if you are a:

  • Therapist
  • Counselling professional
  • Educator
  • Life coach
  • Mentor

Someone who wants to deepen the work you’re already doing and you are committed to being a guide for others and are know you are being called to serve a greater cause, this program is designed for you.

* * * * * * * * * * 

“My coaching business has blossomed as has my confidence by implementing the confidence and self esteem tools. Last week I worked with someone who had mild depression and she kissed me after the session! This stuff really works” A.B. Somerset

* * * * * * * * * * 

On this coach training weekend Dawn will enrich your personal development, enlighten and inspire you. There will be a real focus on your deep understanding of the core principles of Dawn’s teachings, as well as an emphasis in developing your essence and self expression and taking it to the next level.


 As a coach, your own core self belief will be strengthened and you will be:


  • Empowered to develop your own intuition, enabling you to recognise and guide your client’s to do the same
  • Identify your own core belief patterns through the use of creative tools and techniques, enabling you to develop a knowing of how the process works for your clients.
  • Learn first-hand how to identify what is holding a client back, i.e. shame, guilt, blame, fear, grief, and anger, while shifting them into courage, openness, willingness, and faith.
  • Be able to confidently guide your clients through the use of the creative tools and techniques, you will discover in this programme
  • Begin to understand the Universal Laws – how negative emotions can block success and positive emotions can increase success. By understanding these Laws you will be able to confidently guide your clients.


On this special three day program, you will also have the perfect opportunity to realign and rebalance your mind, body and spirit to a higher, more inspired way of living.

* * * * * * * * * * 

“Dawn’s Accredited Confidence Coaching Programme is a brand new development in coaching. This unique approach to coaching is changing the way life coaches work with their clients.” The Coaching Academy London

* * * * * * * * * * 

Give your clients a concrete foundation for lasting change


Dawn Breslin’s Accredited Confidence Coaching Programme will teach you how to enable your clients to heal, repair and build their core self-esteem and confidence muscles.

By using a set of gentle, empowering techniques Dawn will show you how to enable your clients’ to build and repair their confidence forever. The techniques will expand your client’s perspective beyond what they ever thought was possible.

Clients will leave your coaching sessions with a creative, highly attuned life plan that will begin to take effect the moment they leave your sessions.


What will I learn on this special programme?


On this amazing three-day inspirational programme, you’ll not only continue your own personal development journey but also learn to put the skills you’ve acquired into practice in your life. In fact, the best way of learning something is to show it to other people. When you go home, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.

Whether you want to build better relationships with your in-laws or help friends and family who are struggling with their confidence, this course will give you the tools to help others but more importantly it will have a profound impact upon you!

* * * * * * * * * *

“I feel lighter than I have in years my baggage is lifted, the personal experience alone on this course has catapulted my confidence and self belief into a place where I know I am going to make such a difference in the world. Thank you Dawn xxx” A., Suffolk Corporate Coach

* * * * * * * * * *

Coaching from a point of knowing and experience is powerful


If you’re a coach, you’ll become a more powerful one because you will be communicating from your core. You’ll have the processes, tools and techniques that will enable you to take clients from a place of despair and inhibition to a place of freedom and happiness. You’ll learn practical techniques you can use every day to enhance your coaching practice; give it a kick-start, or a new direction.

Does this unique coaching style sound right for you, if so join us….

When you become a Dawn Breslin accredited confidence coach the great possibilities for growing your business include:


  •      Offering clients a six-week, life transforming self-esteem package
  •      Providing a complete life overhaul service to clients
  •      Communicating with your clients through a directive form of coaching
  •      Working with groups such as charities and voluntary groups
  •      Working with people who suffer from mild depression or who are stuck
  •      Working with people who are burned out
  •      Working with clients who would like to discover meaning and purpose in their lives
  •      Working with clients who couldn’t create a shift with a core coaching model


The process is tried and tested – the results are deep and lasting


What’s more, during the programme you will discover and use the same tools that Dawn herself has used successfully with hundreds of clients over the last ten years and the tools that have enabled her to make a difference in people’s lives again and again.

* * * * * * * * * * 

“I feel that this is what I have always been looking for in coaching. At last I have found the perfect style that fits with who I am and how I want to coach. Thank you so much! Dawn Breslin, you are amazing.” H. London HR Consultant and Coach

* * * * * * * * * *

Make a real and lasting difference in your client’s life


During this three-day programme you will learn how to:


  •      Build unshakable self-esteem
  •      Take care of, love, honour, and respect yourself
  •      Tap into authentic happiness
  •      The Golden Rules for staying centred each day
  •      Create a life-changing daily ritual to keep you on track
  •      Explore the inner you – learn to be more authentic and true
  •      Look in the mirror and love what you see
  •      Become aware of ‘off centre’ thinking
  •      Take complete personal responsibility for your life
  •      Creatively open up your mind to another level
  •      Let go of guilt and the pain of the past
  •      Tune in to your intuitive guidance system
  •      Understand why you think the way that you do
  •      Create life-changing affirmations
  •      Create an inspiring vision for your future
  •      Feel deep and lasting gratitude
  •      Learn how the law of attraction work
  •      Change your vibration from negative to positive
  •      Use morning pages and gratitude journals


* * * * * * * * * *

“This course was like a training manual for ‘The Secret DVD’. I learned more than I even knew ever existed in coaching. I feel completely armed with tools to completely unblock and inspire my clients.” M. Brighton Life Coach

* * * * * * * * * *

Sadness or feeling stuck can immobilise any client, taking away their ability to think creatively. When our belief structure is fragmented or bruised it is often difficult to move forward. By using the tools and techniques on this programme it is possible to change your client’s negative or limiting beliefs to their core, authentic, empowering self beliefs. Through the tools you discover, you can reintroduce your client to feelings of deep happiness and joy once again.


Who will you be able to help using this type of coaching?


  •      Clients suffering who feel sad or stuck
  •      Clients who want more from life but don’t know what more is
  •      Clients who feel stuck in their current position and can’t see a way out
  •      Clients who would like more meaning in their lives


For the price of a mini break you could change yours and your client’s lives forever

You will acquire personal development tools to last you a lifetime and, if you’re a coach, the opportunity to recoup your money with only five clients plus a whole set of extra opportunities that will now be open to you too.

Not only will you have all these tools & techniques at your disposal, but you’ll also take away:


  •  A comprehensive workbook containing some of the exciting exercises you’ve done
  • Home worksheets linked to many of the sessions that you can start to use straight away with clients’,  family and friends

* * * * * * * * * * 

“This course made me feel so special. The inspiration and love you show, Dawn makes me believe so much in myself. I have never experienced anything like this before in a training environment. WOW! Go fly girl and sprinkle your magic on the world. I’m coming up right behind you!” K. Norfolk Coach

* * * * * * * * * * 

This programme takes place either in a beautiful hotel or Spa where accommodation discounts are available, or in Dawn’s own home.   The courses runs from Friday am to Sunday pm. On all days, we start at 10am and finish at approximately 6pm. There will be refreshments when you arrive and morning and afternoon refreshment breaks.




  • A coaching certificate, accreditation or current life coaching experience

Bring yourself… and an open mind

Dawn Pr Photo

Dawn herself will be teaching on this course and there’s no doubt that it will be such a moving course that it could well take you to places deep within that you haven’t visited for a long time and that can cause quite an emotional response in some people.

But under Dawn’s skilled, caring guidance, you’ll turn that into discoveries about yourself that may well astound you – and change your life forever.

In fact, if you haven’t done any personal development work before, this whole process will probably be quite staggeringly beautiful for you. And even if you have, you’ll still find that this is an experience quite like no other.


There’s no doubt that Dawn Breslin is a world-class inspirational teacher – warm, positive, lively and passionate about what she does. What’s more, she’s actually lived the tools she now teaches – and taken her life to new heights of happiness and success.


Your Three day Dawn Breslin Confidence Coach programme includes: Training by Dawn, all course materials, lunch & refreshments.


Does this unique coaching style sound right for you, if so join us….


The next programme will take place at:

Venue: The Secret Haven, Edinburgh (Dawn’s Home)

Dates:  21/22/23 October 2016
**Please note this training is now held over one weekend not two as previously advertised  

Cost:    £1250

Book your place NOW!
There are only a maximum of 10 places available on this weekend.


Here is a very small sample of responses I receive from clients.

Testimonials from those who have attended the Dawn Breslin Confidence for Life and/or Advanced Confidence Coach Course:

“I feel like I have been liberated and set free – as a person by implementing the tools in my own life and as a coach as my practice now takes off.” MS Herts

“My coaching business has blossomed as has my confidence by implementing the confidence and self esteem tools. Last week I worked with someone who had mild depression and she kissed me after the session! This stuff really works.” AB,Somerset

“Phew – I didn’t have the confidence to coach with just the GROW model alone, these techniques allow me to communicate with my client and to really get to the bottom of the problem. My confidence has grown beyond belief.” DB Hants

“No need to send clients for counselling now – I can deal with so much more than before using these techniques.” S.B. Bucks

“I did a free session to practice the self esteem material on a client. We did mirror work and worked with photos. She insisted on paying me at the end of it!” This style of coaching is MAGICAL I now have the confidence to be me and I can coach in my own style – WOW. Thank you thank you Dawn.” Maddie Millet

“Powerful and gentle what a stunning combination… It’s so wonderful to use creative material in my sessions. Thank you Dawn – you are an inspiration.” E.M. Linc

“Just a quick note regarding Dawn’s “Confidence for Life” course. For anyone sat at home pondering about this course, it really is “you have to actually see it to believe it!”. Dawn Breslin is a unique woman, beautiful inside and out. The whole process, is private and a full MOT of yourself. After all we are only here once and it’s up to ourselves to invest in us. The most important person in your life is YOU! “Thank you” just does not scratch the surface for what I experienced during my day. You never stop learning in life, and the tools I have taken from Dawn are going to equip me for a wonderful future!” Sarah Garside

“Thank you. This has been a life changing experience… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” J.B. Bucks

“Could anyone you know, benefit from this course? THE WORLD! YES!” M.F. Herts

“You have inspired me and I know I will use ALL of what I have learnt! THANK YOU!” S.B. Middx

“This has shaped my destiny. Thank you. I can’t wait to take this movement further together.” S.E., Essex

“Thank you for helping me through my journey, so I can go and show others how they can change too.” P.I. Cambs

“I feel very excited and inspired, both personally and as a Coach.” C.R., London

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