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Harmonizing – Live in alignment with your natural rhythms

Dawn Breslins Harmonizing Programme

Harmonizing will help you live in alignment with your true nature. It is both a lifestyle design and a philosophy for living which will guide you to live each day with balance, ease and harmony.


The process has been designed by observing the effortless choreography of nature and applying the same principles to human lives. Through the process you will be guided into more sustainable and nourishing ways of living; ways in which modern luxuries, such as vibrant well-being, free time and deeper connections with the people you love, will be very much at the core of your everyday lifestyle design. 

Through a step – by – step, soul searching journey the Harmonizing process will guide you to create a bridge between your current life and a fully awake, alive and meaningful experience of living. 


Our model is based on the idea that we live in the natural world and we are also part of nature. In the same way that each animal, plant and microbe has it’s unique part to play in the delicate balance of life on planet Earth, we believe that each human being also has a unique ‘signature’ role to play in the unfolding of life on Earth. Each of our signature roles helps us thrive as a fully living, thriving organism.


We can recognise our signature roles as our individual talents and abilities, we know them as the things we are passionate about or things we love doing; things we get lost in when we lose track of time. When we align our true nature with our hearts desire and our natural gifts ~  life takes on a whole new level of meaning. 



The life-cycle of a flower mirrors the Harmonizing process

Cycles of nature

1. Awaken:  In nature, each seed contains the fragrance of the fully blossomed flower.  Like the seed, imagine uncovering your unique gifts and finding your place of ease in the jigsaw puzzle of humanity.   


2. Prepare:  In nature, each seed must be placed in a nutrient rich environment to ensure it will thrive. Like the seed,  imagine cultivating a nourishing lifestyle, environment, mindset & relationship(s) in which you will thrive.   

3. Nurture: In nature, each seed receives its own balance of sunlight, water and nutrients, enabling the shoot to grow.  Like the shoot, imagine asking for support and taking the time to give your mind, body and soul all it needs to thrive. 

4. Let Go : In nature, each shoot grows to it’s direction trusting the Universal life force to guide it into full bloom. Like the shoot, imagine letting go control and fear and attachment, trusting the Universal life force to help guide your life.

5. Flow : In nature, once the plant’s energy is in it’s unique balance and when the time is right, it blossoms fully. Like the blossomed flower, imagine finding joy in your alignment and flow (er) ing into your fullest potential.                                                                                              


Discover The Process of Harmonizing 


Dawb Breslins 5 Steps to Harmonizing

Discover The Five Steps To Harmonizing

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What stops us living in harmony & flow each day?


One of the biggest challenges humanity is facing today, is that our senses are constantly bombarded with ideas and images of desire. We live in a culture where we desire more and more and we naively convince ourselves that when we get it, we will feel better. Sophisticated technologies, media advertising and Hollywood manipulate our feelings and bombard us with ideals of perfection and tell us how to live our lives.

They stir up our inner comparisons and drive cravings to have, be and do more. This leads us to buying up things to satisfy our feelings of emptiness, yet somehow our hunger never feels satisfied. This pressure has created deep unrest in our human psyche, creating chaos both in the self and on the precious planet we are part of.  

 In pursuit of happiness, we look outside of ourselves for more fulfilment. We break through our fears, we remodel our thinking habits and we hire coaches and consultants to help us achieve all that we desire. We have learned to set goals to drive, strive, push and never give up. We have become addicted and unstoppable. This has lead to us becoming stuck in a perpetual state of future focussed motion where we are often completely disconnected from the peace and ease of the precious moment we live in. Our busy, obsessed minds are running the show and our hearts have lost the connection from what genuinely nourishes and fulfils us each day. We may feel empty, starved of purpose, exhausted unseen or even numb – yet we keep going. In this disconnected state, our well-being suffers as we become stuck in the mode of surviving, making life changes may fill us with fear or dread, which means we stay too long in situations which do not nurture us. This leads to more disconnection and more dis ~ease. 

The Harmonizing journey ….
Woman in pool

The Harmonising journey allows you to jump off the treadmill and take the breathing space to gently reassess your life.

The Harmonizing philosophy for living is a new mindset which will bring your life and work into natural alignment with your highest truth. This is a gentle creative internal unfolding. It’s a  soul searching  journey; one which will help you understand, heal and nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

Living in alignment with your heart and soul is simply doing what you are truly passionate about. It’s about learning to love life each and every day. 

When you are unhappy, when you lack passion for your work or relationships, when you have no identifiable purpose in life and no hope for the future, you are not aligned with your heart or soul desire, it’s that simple. You will never find your soul’s desires looking outside of yourself. The key lies inside your heart and The Harmonizing journey can guide you to finding this key!  

The Harmonizing process is something so intimate, personal and linked to who you are and what you will become, that no one else can ever tell you who you are or what you are to do in this life. 

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”   Lao Tzu.     


Discover The Process of Harmonizing 


Dawb Breslins 5 Steps to Harmonizing

Discover The Five Steps To Harmonizing

Dawn Breslin Harmonizing Retreat

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