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Harmonizing Mindful Life Design Coach Training

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Become a harmonising life consultant with Dawn Breslin

The Harmonizing, Mindful Life Design Coach Training Programme has been designed as an antidote to the current climate of apathy, burn out, break down and stress in the world.

Through the various packages in our Harmonizing pro active well~being range, you will begin to gently move clients from their stressful, fast paced way of living into a time rich, present and meaningful experience of living each day.

Each of our unique, energising and life transformational packages have been designed to pro actively coach and guide clients to balance their inner energies by aligning stressful thoughts and energy depleting behaviours with more natural, enjoyable and sustainable ways of living and being.

By slowing down to tune in to the rhythms of the feminine body, clients begin to connect with their own natural pace of living and the well of inner wisdom which will guide them to move beyond their numbed out feelings and frazzled nervous systems.

The Harmonizing process is designed with great care to gently guide us into living healthy, energetic, balanced lives.

Who can become a Harmonizing, Mindful Life Design Coach?

How to become a Dawn Breslin Harmonizing consultant

This training programme has been designed for therapists, coaches, holistic therapists, and NLP practitioners who would like to add a soon to a well known brand to their existing portfolio of tools.

How to become a Harmonizing Mindful Life Design Coach

How to become a Dawn Breslin Harmonizing Consultant

Step 1. The Harmonizing Mindful Life Design 5 Day Retreat

Harmonizing, Mindful Life Design Coach Training programmes are held in the heart of nature. The training begins with a five day intensive residential retreat where you will begin to embrace and embody The 5 Steps to Harmonizing and The Harmonizing Philosophy. This life changing, inspirational mind, body and soul immersion is lead by Dawn Breslin and supported by Harmonizing trainers and ambassadors. This creative journey of self discovery is designed to connect you deeply with your own inner guidance and rhythms. Dawn believes all coaches should experience the depth, beauty and transformational qualities of the Harmonizing process before they go on to share it with clients.

Step 2. Experiential Training

How to become a Harmonizing Consultant with Dawn Breslin


The second part of the training is a 3 day intensive training programme where you begin to practice the techniques used in The Harmonizing pro active well~being rangeThis experiential training allows you to trial your new skills in a safe, supervised environment.  


Step 3. Field work

Each trainee Mindful Life Design Coach will be required to do 2 – 8 case studies before qualifying . The number of case studies you will be required to complete shall be  based on your experience and will be advised at the end of your 3 day training programme.

Step 4 Lean on our brand to build your business

Become a harmonizing consultant

Once you have qualified as a Harmonizing Life Design Coach, you will have access to promotional material for your business. This will include Harmonizing sales copy, images and promotional videos by Dawn.

Step 5. Ongoing Support

We have a dedicated private Harmonizing members area where you can share thoughts and feelings with other Harmonizing coaches. Dawn’s team are also available to answer any questions in this space too.


Harmonizing Consultant training dates coming soon.

Part 1: 5 Day Harmonizing Mindful Life Design Retreat 1 – 4 March 2017, Highlands, Scotland.
Part 2: 3 Day Harmonizing Mindful Life Design Practical Training date TBC, Dawn’s home, The Secret Haven, Edinburgh, Scotland  



The total cost to become a Harmonizing Mindful Life Design Practitioner is £3000.

If you would like to explore this career option further, Feel free to get in touch. You can e mail
me at or you can follow your instincts and book your place today!



….and I’ll warm your seat in the training room at Lendrick Lodge!  




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