The Harmonizing Mindful Life Design Retreat

19th – 23rd September 2016

Dawn Breslin Harmonizing - The Ultimate Heart & Soul Life Realignment Retreat for Women

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your vitality, confidence or energy right now?
  • Do you know in your heart life could be better but not how to change it?
  • Do you feel exhausted from the demands of your responsibilities, job, or relationships?
    Are you feeling overwhelmed by all that’s pulling on your energy?
  • Do you wish you could live with more freedom, passion, and joy?

If your answer is Yes, then perhaps it’s time to join us on the Harmonizing Retreat, a 5-day interactive, creative, nurturing heart & soul immersion. Harmonizing retreats have been designed to create the breathing space you deserve to re-evaluate your current way of living.

Our nature based retreat spaces have been carefully chosen to help accelerate your unfolding as you begin to tap into dormant energies and wake up your full creative and soul potential. This dynamic, consciousness development process offers a new philosophy for living, one which will sign post you to a more meaningful, wholehearted and creative way of being.

As you connect with your deepest inner wisdom, you’ll start to let go any resistance and soften as you allow yourself to gently melt any disappointment, fear, and exhaustion. Through the process you will begin to move any dead, stuck energy and release old wounds. Dawn and her skilled team of experts will hold and guide you into new, deeply enriching and sustainable ways of living; ways which will help re-ignite your fire and set you on a refreshing new path.

The Harmonizing Retreat will offer you the inspiration and space to press the RESET button, to welcome a new nourishing experience of life. I guess you can think of it as a bridge between your current life and a fully awake, alive, and meaningful experience of living.

What is Harmonizing?

Join Dawn Breslin & revitalise your life

Harmonizing is a conscious life realignment process for women who would like to experience a more heart and soul centred dance with life, one with balance, ease, and harmony at the core.

The Harmonizing journey….

The Harmonizing process is a life audit in the form of a mind, body and soul immersion. This programme is a personal journey of self discovery and life transformation. For those who are interested, The Harmonizing Retreat is also the first essential step in the process of becoming a Mindful Life Design Coach 

This soul nourishing, rejuvenating retreat is a fully embodied, experiential, creative mission to the inner world of your true magnificence. We have designed the programme to transport you from the treadmill of life into a nurturing breathing space deep in the heart of nature where you will connect with the wisdom of your inner guidance, internal rhythms and cycles.


Dawn Breslin - Harmonizing retreat and consultants first steps

Our varied and nourishing programme of events include daytime and evening sessions in meditation, art therapy, relaxation, guided visualisation, gentle movement, quiet contemplation, creative writing, group dialogue and self discovery sessions to awaken your heart’s knowing and desires.

On the programme, we introduce you to the 5 Step Harmonizing process and The guiding principles of The Harmonizing Philosophy which will bring your life and work into natural alignment with your highest truth.

Living in alignment with your heart and soul is about following your heart’s desires.  When you are unhappy, when your business isn’t working out as planned or when you lack passion for your work or relationships, when you have no identifiable purpose in life and no hope for the future, you are not aligned with your heart or soul desire, it’s that simple. The key to inner contentment and peace lies inside your heart and soul, The Harmonizing journey will guide you to finding this key!

Once you align your natural gifts and follow the passion of your heart, the magic happens as the Universal life force steps in and serendipitously guides you into manifesting your heart-centred life vision with ease. 

What you will learn on the Retreat

What you will discover on Dawn Breslins Harmonizing retreat

1. Set yourself free

Through the art of allowing you will develop a deep trusting relationship with yourself and Source/The Universe. As you tune into your intuitive knowing and your  begin to trust in the organic unfolding of life, your confidence will increase as you are energetically guided into a more joyous, fully awake passionate and alive experience of fulfilling your goals.

2. Allow your inner wisdom to guide your life

Through the art of stillness you will begin to tune into the wisdom of your inner knowing. We live in a culture of doing and achieving which is very much disconnected from the natural rhythms of our body and true nature. By getting quiet and tuning into your female body you can begin to hear the natural pulse of your inner rhythms and deep inner knowing. By honouring this guidance you can begin to awaken to the stirrings which will lead you towards a more natural, sustainable and energising way of living.

3. Redefine your idea of success from the calling of your heart

Through the art of wholehearted living, you will begin to question your current understanding of success. As you move into your deeper truth and the wilderness of your heart and soul, you will begin to hear the very clear voice of your authentic needs and desires and goals. From this place a route map to fulfilment will become clear. 

4. Tune into the guidance from the cycles of nature to enrich your life experience

As you cultivate presence in your female body, you will begin to tune into your deeper feelings and the subtle messages of your feminine cycles. As you explore the ideas around all natural cycles you begin to embrace the concept of impermanence. Through this process you will begin to see change and endings as essential components in the cycles of new growth. From this place liberation is born. 


5. Let go your EGO identity and tune into your full creative expression

Through the art of surrender, you will begin to explore a more expansive expression of who you are and how you would love life to feel. By calling in the deeper yearnings of your heart and soul, you will begin to recognise a colourful, creative and inspiring roadmap towards your natural life path.


6. Learn to thrive as you balance your internal masculine & feminine energies

Through the art of balance, you will begin to manage the dynamic flow of your masculine and feminine energies. As our culture entices us to do and be more, many of us feel burned out with no time to spare. By balancing your masculine and feminine energies you will begin to slow life down to a natural pace. Through routine and ritual you will begin to cultivate a powerful energy of attraction which will allow you to release the need to push to make life happen. As you amplify your attracting energy and create clear heart based desires and intentions, experiences will be magnetically attracted towards you.



The Harmonizing Programme Outline


Day 1. Awaken: Align with your authentic self

❖ Reset to your core authentic identity, hear the voice of your soul.

❖ Realign with your essential nature.


Day 2. Empower: Prepare your environment to thrive

❖ Reset to self-love and self-care as you begin to connect and prioritise your needs, feelings and desires.

❖ Learn to let go worry and fear as you align your life with the cycles of nature.


Day 3. Nurture: Increase vitality as you balance masculine & feminine energies

❖ Reset your energetic balance. Review your ability to give out and to receive, in equal measures.

❖ Soften as you tune in to the intuitive wisdom of your feminine body for insight into your life’s challenges.


Day 4. Let go: Trust ~ release control, resistance, fear and attachment

❖ Reset to receiving inspiration to guide your life as you let go control, fear, resistance, and attachment.

❖ Let go your fixed identity as you open up to fresh new beginnings.


Day 5. Flow: Freedom ~ Allow The Universe/Source to guide your life

❖ Reset to openness as you welcome the Universe to guide your life path.

The Bridge ~ design a heart centred new way of living and being.


If the words on this page are calling out to your soul, trust them. If you feel a deep resonance with the essence of the Harmonizing message, follow it. If you would like to explore how you can delve into a deeper more meaningful experience of life, call us today to discuss how the Harmonizing process could work for you.

We would love to chat with you.
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The Harmonizing programme honours life’s pulsating rhythm, welcoming it in to help

guide our lives and the lives of others on our planet.


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