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Harmonize: Trust in the natural unfolding of your life path

Tune into your body’s natural wisdom for life guidance. Soften your experience of living as you let go the struggle to make life work out as you think it should.

Harmonize: Give up struggle as you learn to live fully in the NOW

Feel instantly energised as you create a life design based on your heart’s true desires and needs. Trust in the natural unfolding of your life and welcome serendipity to help guide you onto your abundant natural life path. Learn to attract life towards you versus pushing and struggling for what you desire.

“I was tired of fighting for what I wanted in life. Harmonising taught me how to manifest the aspirations of my heart with such ease.

Before Harmonising, I was very goal orientated. I had fought for everything I had in life and generally achieved whatever I put my mind to. However, I was tired of the fight. Harmonizing taught me to soften, how to really love and care for myself and ultimately it taught me to let go of control and surrender into the Universal flow.

The 5 day programme literally changed my life overnight.”

Margaret Harkness

Is this you?


  • Does your body feel tense?
  • Do you wish you could change your life?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of your everyday life?
  • Do you regularly feel stressed?
  • Do you have goals or desires which are not working out?
  • Do you yearn to let go control and have more fun?
  • Do you feel time is passing you by?
  • Are your wellbeing, relationships or self expression suffering?


Harmonizing can work for anyone…..

I wasn’t sure what I would achieve from Hamonizing. However, after hearing Dawn speak at an event I followed my instincts and booked onto it.

Thank goodness I did!

The programme taught me how to let go of the pressure of goal setting my whole life and instead it showed me how to create intentions and let go into the flow of life.

This technique instantly made my life much less stressful.”

Kacey Amitola


If you are successful but feel something is missing, if you are stressed, tired, depressed, burnt out, exhausted or apathetic, the Harmonizing Mindful Life Design process will meet you where you are today and gently nudge you onto a path of deep self acceptance, health, fulfilment and vitality.

Harmonizing is a gentle, inspiring, soul nourishing support system designed to guide you towards a more expanded, vital and energised experience of living each day

Dawn Breslin

What is Harmonising?

The Harmonizing, Mindful Life Design process is a gentle, nourishing, heart centred lifestyle revitalisation programme which offers us a step by step guide to making deeply nourishing choices for sustainable, time rich and meaningful living.

Who is the training for?

For many of us we are living in a constant state of tension or stress. It often means we are living life without feeling our true feelings or being present in our daily experiences.

The Harmonizing Mindful Life Design process can work for anyone. If you are successful but feel something is missing or if you are feeling depressed, burnt out, exhausted or apathetic, this gentle life re evaluation process will meet you where you are today and guide you to evolve and grow into your fullest natural potential.

What can I expect from the Harmonising Mindful Life Design?

REDUCE STRESS and soften your experience of life

AMPLIFY ENERGY as you introduce Nourishing Daily Rituals

LIVE WITH EASE as you begin to trust in the unfolding nature of your life

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE as you let go stress and worry

FEEL RELAXED as you let go pushing, driving and striving

FEEL EXCITED as you sync your life with the desires of your heart

FEEL INTUITIVELY CONNECTED and creative as you step into flow

ATTRACT MORE SERINDIPITY as you become more vital and attractive

FEEL ENERGISED as you stop trying hard to make your future happen

FEEL MORE CONTROL as your life becomes simpler

FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL, vital and attractive as you cultivate time for self care

FEEL HAPPIER as you begin to live life from the heart

FEEL MORE BALANCED as you recognise masculine and feminine energies.

FEEL MORE PRESENT as you move future to present thinking

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like



Lou Tzu

What can i expect each week?

Each week you will receive a series of inspiring audio, video and written content. The materials will be a mix of creative, nourishing, interactive, self discovery exercises and relaxing tutorials. We anticipate each module should take only 1 hour to complete.

Know Your Body

Align your life from the wisdom of your monthly feminine cycles

Empowering Mindset Management

Reset to a nature inspired, organic way of thinking

Listen to your Heart

Tune into your body to hear the voice of your true desires & needs

Balance Your Energy & Vitality

Awaken your natural life force as you balance your masculine & feminine behaviours

Do Less & Achieve More

Amplify your energy and attract your heart’s desires with daily nourishing self care practices

Do Less and achieve more

As you amplify your energy nourishing self care practices, attract the desires of your heart towards you with ease

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

Lau Tzu

Dawn Breslin

Dawn Breslin

Founder of the Harmonizing Mindful Life Design

As well as being the founder of The Harmonizing Mindful Life Design, Dawn is also a bestselling Hay House Author, Leading UK Confidence Coach, a TV & Radio broadcaster and media consultant for a number of world leading brands.

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