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The Harmonizing, pro active well being packages

Harmonizing journey

Our Harmonizing pro active well being packages provide the space, support and tools to help you make a profound connection with your natural inner rhythms. Sessions are interactive and include a selection of the following…

Relaxation techniques, Creative Visualisation exercises, Daily Ritual and Routine plan, Heart’s Desire Vision board, Mirror work, Inspiring Cycle Charts, De Stress Mindset Management.

FREE: The Harmonizing starter pack

Each package in our range includes a Harmonizing starter pack. The pack contains an audio CD of the Guiding principles of the Harmonizing philosophy. A nourishing daily meditation CD . Your own Harmonizing journal and an energy/mood monitor.

Return to Confidence (6x1hr sessions)

Find Confidence, Clarity & Connection

Dawn Breslin Harmonizing self care package - Return to confidence

Are you feeling under confident, disconnected, out of focus or do you feel like you’ve got it all but something is still missing from your life? It’s so easy to live our lives pleasing others; when we do, our subtle inner rhythms feel out of

balance. By re-connecting your inner rhythms, exploring your strengths, unique passions, talents and gifts and honouring your true desires, your confidence and zest for life will be re-awoken. Through creating a nourishing, daily lifestyle routine, your life force and vitality will be renewed as you move onto the next step of your life with so much more clarity, connection and strength.

Return to Beauty (6 x 1hr session)

Find Inner Balance, Beauty & Radiance

Return to Beauty 2

Are you feeling tired, worn out or scared about your age or stage of life?

Flourish and rejuvenate from the inside out. When you feel radiant on the inside, it shows up on the outside. Glowing skin and sparkling eyes are signs that you have awoken your inner beauty and tapped into your internal well of youth and vitality. Nourishing daily rituals which honour your natural rhythms can help slow the signs of ageing, and when your mind, body and soul are in alignment, you can’t help but look and feel great!

Return to Balance (10 x 1hr session)

Awaken, Energise & Balance

Retun to Balance 2

Is your health out of balance? Have you experienced a lengthy period of stress? Are you burnt out or are you going through a difficult life change? This mind, body, soul immersion will help you to gently decompress your stress, re-balance your emotions and guide you towards honouring your deepest needs. By creating a rhythmic, nourishing daily lifestyle plan you will begin to experience the healing and energising impact of renewed vitality as you reactivate your life force. You will leave prepared to joyfully begin the next chapter of your life.

Return to Harmony (10 x 1hr session)

Find Harmony, Vitality & Flow

Return to Harmony 2

Would you like to slow your life down, experience more meaning, make more time for deep connections or simply explore the idea of what a passionate, purposeful life filled with energy and joy would look like? If you would like to explore pressing the reset button on your current way of living, this life overhaul package will guide you into exploring a life filled with renewed passion, purpose and vitality. This 10 week process will use your natural rhythms as a guide to re-align your life vision with the authentic desires of your heart. The impact of this programme is far reaching as you awaken your radiant life force and begin to move into a life of ease.


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