Testimonials about Harmonizing

I’ve trained with many big names to increase my therapeutic skill set however I decided to book onto this retreat to support and nourish myself. Although I thought I had most bases covered in terms of therapeutic methods, the Harmonizing process offered me fascinating insights on managing my life, my energy and my emotions.This programme showed me how to acknowledge, feel and trust my true feelings; it was such a wonderful life changing experience. I left feeling excited about life and re connected to my creativity again. This retreat is amazing and Dawn Breslin is such an authentic and dazzling coach!

Honey Landsdowne


Since returning from the Harmonizing retreat I can honestly say I have deeply changed. Over 5 days of creative, self discovery and enquiry, I surrendered and let go all that was weighing me down. As a single mum of two boys, sometimes I felt like I was getting it wrong, however Dawn’s Harmonizing teachings showed me how to accept myself and my life deeply. I let go my intense feelings of anxiety, I forgave myself. I laughed and laughed with a bunch of other wonderful women who were also learning that being their true selves was OK – not only OK but blooming marvellous! I pledged to myself, while standing at the edge of a beautiful Scottish loch that I would give myself that time and space each day to feel my feelings, honour and value my own needs.
This amazing retreat unleashed my creativity and allowed it to flow freely again; as an Artist I had become stuck and judgemental, the liberation I now feel is delicious. This week was such a gift to me, I feel like I’m standing on solid ground. Trust in myself and life have been restored.
Dawn is the best coach I know – gentle, with a huge heart, and a passionate dynamic teacher. She really does want you to get the most out of your life! I must say, if you’re feeling a bit like you’ve lost who you are, your sparkle is dimmed or life is just too damn hard, speak to her and you will get it back, by the bucket load! I love this woman and the work she is doing in the world!

Maddie Millett

Artist & Life Coach

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