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I have spent years helping people, just like you to overcome their fears and worries and walk with ease and confidence every day. 

I have been working as a teacher in the field of Human Potential and Self Discovery for almost two decades now. In this time I have helped many men and women develop a powerful connection with their true potential through my self awareness process, my Harmonizing and confidence work.


I am so passionate about helping people live nourishing and rewarding lives. Life is about feeling alive each and every day, for this reason I continue to create new material to help people build their confidence, heal their past, identify their talents, love themselves, develop worthiness and live abundantly without stress.

But I can’t do this alone so I am now helping people, just like you, to do the same, because together we can help so many more to live a life of ease and flow. 

You …. yes, YOU are so beautiful and full of unique potential and I know that you have the heart and sould to help many others achieve their life potential too.


How can I help you to live a life of ease, confidence and fulfilment?

Become a Dawn Breslin certified confidence coach

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Join me and become a certified confidence coach.

Take yourself from fear and worry, to flow and ease and help others to do the same… 


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Become a Harmonizing – Mindful Life Design Coach

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Join me on a wonderful journey to yourself during our 5 day Harmonizing Retreat as you begin the journey to help others to do the same as a Harmonizing – Mindful Life Design Coach…  Reserve your place now




Discover Dawn’s Books 

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Dawns books have been read by many people and each one has found something that has made a difference in their lives after reading these books and following the easy to use hints, tips and exercises to become more confident everyday.

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Work 1-2-1 with Dawn

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and unwind in a nurturing, supportive environment as you begin to create the you you really want to be and live life with ease and harmony..

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